The magic of persuasive presenting

2 april 2020

What exactly is the magic of persuasive presenting, what factors are involved and how to do so?

That is exactly what this blog series on persuasive presenting is about.

I’ll also tell you why presenting is so much more than the soft skill we take it to be. In fact, fundamentally, it’s a tough skill… tough as nails.

This is why presentation skills and leadership are closely linked. After all, research has shown that good presenters go a long way.

So, what exactly is presenting? It’s really a kind of magic. It literally means making something present, making it BE there, even if it’s not. It’s about using everything you’ve got: body and soul, image and language, to evoke something, to conjure it up for the benefit of your audience, to make it look as real as possible, almost making it appear. This applies to ideas, concepts, policies, services, products… you name it. Good presentations invariably make their subject almost tangible.

There are 6 crucial factors at play that determine the impact of your presentations. If used effectively, they help to make the magic happen:



And finally, the crucial factor: YOUR AUDIENCE, with whom your message must land.

The first three factors are closest to you as a person, which makes them easier to control. The final three, though certainly still within your sphere of influence, tend to be somewhat more ‘out of your hands’: while you can manipulate your body, voice and content, you can’t always choose your tools, your surroundings and your audience.

In the next blog posts, all these factors will be covered extensively, so as to give you a complete overview as well as in-depth understanding of what constitutes powerful presenting. And to allow you to optimally tweak each of these factors to your benefit.

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